1. UN Women and UNFPA condemn hate murders in Turkey

    UN Women and UNFPA condemned the brutal murder of trans woman Hande Kader and Syrian gay refugee Wisam Sankari.

  2. Which one of your houses will Hande Kader’s murderer come out of?

    Men share your bed, your meal, your house after being with many trans sex workers like Hande Kader. While you keep believing that you are “cleaner”, “more innocent”, “more virtuous” than Hande Kader, the murderer lives in your house. Pray that they may be caught before they do one tenth of what they did to her, to you.

  3. Trans woman burned and murdered in Istanbul

    Hande Kader, a trans woman based in Istanbul, disappeared a week ago. Her friends and lover filed a missing person’s announcement. Hande Kader’s burned body was found in Zekeriyaköy.

  1. Syrian gay refugee killed in Istanbul

    Muhammed Wisam Sankari was a gay Syrian refugee. He had arrived in Istanbul a year ago. He was threatened, kidnapped, raped. Last week he was found dead in Yenikapi.

  2. We dispersed on every street for the 14th Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride March!

    “We are dispersing, we are stronger, bigger, and louder. They are right to be afraid of us because we are uniting, growing, and marching.”

  3. Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Committee: We will not be able to hold the 14th Pride March

    Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Committee issued a press release concerning 14th Pride March: We are announcing, with sadness, that we will not be able to hold the 14th Pride March.


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