1. No LGBTI Candidates Elected in Turkish Local Elections

    According to the official results, none of the LGBTI activists who were candidates in the local elections won membership to the municipality council.

  2. Law of Misdemeanor Workshop Held in Ankara

    “Law of Misdemeanor and House Sealing Thematic Workshop” was held on March 25 in Ankara, focusing on the problems of trans sex workers.

  3. When security takes on a new meaning

    I’m sure you’ve already heard about what’s been going on in my country. Gezi Park protests, corruption scandals, bans on (is anything left?)...

  1. Kaos GL to Attend the US Workshop “Feminism and Authoritarianism in the Middle East”

    Kaos GL Association will attend the workshop “Feminism and Authoritarianism in the Middle East” to be held in Indiana University on April 2-4.

  2. Turkish Newspaper’s Homophobic Hate Goes Without Punishment

    Kaos GL Association’s suit against fundamentalist Turkish daily newspaper Yeni Akit for their articles containing hate speech against LGBTI people concludes with a decision of acquittal on the basis of “freedom of expression.”

  3. Little space to move between the secular, liberal and ultra-Orthodox men’s battle

    “I think as long as Israel continues to occupy itself by ‘security’ issues, as long as we don’t end the occupation, as long as we continue occupying different nations, we will not have the ability to fully address civil society issues.”



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