1. We dispersed on every street for the 14th Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride March!

    “We are dispersing, we are stronger, bigger, and louder. They are right to be afraid of us because we are uniting, growing, and marching.”

  2. Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Committee: We will not be able to hold the 14th Pride March

    Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Committee issued a press release concerning 14th Pride March: We are announcing, with sadness, that we will not be able to hold the 14th Pride March.

  3. Human Rights Observation Report of Trans Pride March

    Kaos GL, LISTAG, Pink Life and SPoD published a joint report on 19 June 2016 Trans Pride March. Organisations share their observations about the March and particulary emphasize police and transphobic gang violence.

  1. Reactions to the Orlando Attack in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

    Even though the Parade generally is a very joyful event the attack of Orlando cast a dark shadow over the event and reminded everybody once again that even in the most developed countries hatred and intolerance are still omnipresent.

  2. Second by second updates from Trans Pride March

    “The Republic of Turkey, which defines itself as a social state, usurps our right to life, housing, education, health, and movement, forcing us to live in oppression that has not been seen before.”

  3. Press statement of the deterred Trans Pride March

    “This sensibility that imposes their own norm on the totality of society and target those who do not abide by this norm will bring nothing but a massacre for the Kurds, Alevis, Armenians, Greeks, Roma, LGBTIs, women, laborers and workers.”


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