1. How can we globalize the LGBTI rights?

    The second day of International Conference on Social Inclusion ended with the Globalizing Human Rights for LGBTI People session. The participants from abroad shared their experiences in their countries.

  2. Rules of law exist for freedom

    In the last session of the first day of International Conference on Social Inclusion, experts from Turkey and around the world continued discussing the idea of “Supporting LGBTI Rights within Social Diversity”

  3. Remnants of Silvan

    KaosGL.org reporter Ateþ Alpar photographed the remnants of Diyarbakýr’s Silvan district, which throughout 12 days had been blockaded and was under military operation.

  1. Families of LGBTIs in Turkey dare to hope

    Since 2008, LISTAG has been providing much needed support to parents who are seeking information and guidance on how to understand their gay or trans child. They hold monthly group meetings with psychologists reaching nearly 40 families at each session.

  2. Queer Tango interview with Faysal Tekoðlu

    Kaos GL continues interviews about “Heterosexism and Art”. ‘’Queer Tango’’ interview with Faysal Tekoðlu will be held on Saturday.

  3. The youth came together in Ýzmir for the refugees

    For instance, have you ever asked yourself about that what these concepts are: migrant, asylum-seeker, refugee, refugee rights, displaced person or refugee sur place, prima facie refugee?



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