1. Turkey: Young gay men attacked by nationalists

    A young gay man studying at Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University was attacked on March 8th, International Women’s Day.

  2. Lesbian desire: Let’s increase that “shame”

    The contributors of Kaos GL Magazine’s latest issue talked about lesbianism, sexual orientation and sexuality at the 4th International Feminist Forum in Ankara.

  3. Anti-Discrimination on the way to the EU

    Human Rights Joint Platform, Kaos GL Association and TACSO organized a conference last week in Ankara on anti-discrimination and equality on the way to the European Union.

  1. “LGBTI rights is not a matter of right or left; it’s about human rights!”

    The bell rings and LGBTIs meet at the “Politics School” for political participation. School participants share their thoughts with kaosGL.org.

  2. Women’s publishing experiences: Everything is a “women’s issue”

    Whether women’s publishing experiences can transform heterosexism and patriarchy was at the core of discussion at the International Feminist Forum.

  3. Co-Mayor of Mardin: “Enslavement of society had started with marginalization of gays”

    Co-Mayor of Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Februniye Akyol at the International Feminist Forum: “As a Syriac, I understand gays very well.”



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