1. Union activists to meet in Ankara: LGBT rights are not a “private problem”!

    Check out some of the speakers’ highlights for Kaos GL’s Symposium against Discrimination to be held on December 13-14 in Ankara.

  2. The New Domestic Security Bill and its potential implications for LGBTI individuals

    The New Domestic Security Bill would impact LGBTI individuals, particularly those who do sex work, as well as all individuals criticizing the government.

  3. Union activists to meet in Ankara for Kaos GL symposium

    Union activists from the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Turkey will meet in Ankara for Kaos GL Associations 3rd International Symposium against Discrimination.

  1. Besiktas Municipality to implement LGBTI training for staff

    Besiktas Municipality’s Mayor Advisor Sedef Cakmak who participated in the European Commission’s seminar on local administrations and LGBTI rights told their upcoming projects.

  2. Turkish PM to respond to anti-gay fatwa

    Turkish PM Davutoglu will answer a written question about a newspaper’s claim that Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs (DIB) gave an anti-gay fatwa.

  3. EU Court outlaws “gay tests” for asylum seekers

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled gay asylum seekers should be treated in accordance with the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights. Kaos GL Association’s attorney Hayriye Kara evaluated the ruling and the situation in Turkey.



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