1. Members of Turkish Parliament to participate in an international LGBTI conference

    Four members of Turkish Parliament including two MPs from the ruling party will participate in the conference on the fundamental rights and protection of LGBTI people against discrimination organized by the European Parliament in Tirana.

  2. Turkish LGBTI documentary brought hundreds together

    Screening of an LGBTI documentary called “My Child” brought hundreds of people together in the city of Kocaeli in Turkey.

  3. Why is Ahmet Yildiz’s murderer still not found after six years?

    The trial regarding Ahmet Yildiz’s murder by his father was postponed again.

  1. “Muslims and gays can live together freely”

    A Berlin mosque will organize a panel on “Islam and Homophobia” to address discrimination, intolerance and violence.

  2. Hungarian LGBTI activist ended his life

    Hungarian LGBTI activist Milán Rózsa ended his life by jumping off in front of a train.

  3. What did Kaos GL do in last 6 months?

    Kaos GL, published the activity report of last 6 months which summarizes the work of the association.



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