1. From questioning LGBTs’ place on May Day to struggle against heterosexism

    Introduction of the book "Discrimination at Workplace and Fight Against Discrimination" compiled by Kaos GL.

  2. Rape and police violence carried to Parliament

    Mahmut Tanal, the Republican People’s Party’s member of parliament from Istanbul, submits question to Minister of Interior Sebahattin Öztürk about the experiences of trans activist Kemal Ördek.

  3. Prison for raping trans sex worker in Turkey

    3 suspects get 27 years and 6 months each for allegedly forcing a trans worker into their car in Izmir and raping her in a forest.

  1. Raped and assaulted, LGBTI Activist Kemal Ördek says: “I’m not well…”

    Trans activist Kemal Ördek, was raped in their home on Sunday. Kemal Ördek shared the following text with us in Turkish and explained the violence, the discrimination, and the fear.

  2. Kaos GL and Pembe Hayat complaint calling for massacring LGBTs

    Kaos GL and Pembe Hayat complaint against posters and online statements calling for massacring LGBTS

  3. Queer-feminist and anti-fascist organization: Zagreb Pride

    We start series of interview with LGBT organizations from world. Our first guest is Zagreb Pride. Marko Jurčić from Zagreb Pride answered our questions.



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