1. Witch hunt against gays in Cairo after gay wedding video

    Gays in the Egyptian capital fear that they might be arrested after a video went viral in the country.

  2. Istanbul to welcome bears from all around the world

    Istanbear Autumn International Bear Festival will bring bears and chasers together in Istanbul between 18 and 21 September.

  3. Kaos GL Association announced road map for its upcoming work

    Kaos GL Association has prepared its new road map for the fields of education, employment and legal system.

  1. Turkish President sues LGBTI activist for damages worth 50 thousand TL

    Turkish President Erdogan files a new lawsuit against Levent Piskin, an LGBTI activist, for a tweet Piskin had made and demands 50,000 TL (23,155 USD) in damages.

  2. Speaking of suicide

    To offer suicide as if it were murder is to disperse and disarm counter-hegemonic discourses inside the one that is infused in violence.

  3. Alert alert, another trans committed suicide

    To remain silent in the face of discrimination is a weapon that kills gay and trans people.



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