Kaos GL to Attend the US Workshop ‘Feminism and Authoritarianism in the Middle East’

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Kaos GL Association will attend the workshop “Feminism and Authoritarianism in the Middle East” to be held in Indiana University on April 2-4.
Ezgi Koçak of Kaos GL will be a guest speaker in the workshop that will explore the shifting relationships between authoritarian and feminist politics in Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia and Turkey. The workshop also aims to question how feminists maneuver the rapidly changing local and regional contexts.
Transnational Solidarity: Strategies and Complexities
Ayşe Gül Altınay from Sabancı University, Turkey, will also be at the workshop speaking with Ezgi Koçak on a session named “Love is Organizing:” Feminist and LGBT Readings of Gezi Protests and their Political Background” .
The workshop is organized by Indiana University Center for the Study of the Middle East and London University Department of Gender Studies. 
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