Program of 4th International Feminist Forum announced

Friday, March 6, 2015
Kaos GL Association announced the program of the 4th International Feminist Forum to be held in Ankara on March 14-15. This year’s Feminist Forum will include panels on political representation and participation, women’s publishing experiences, lesbian feminism and a workshop on orgasm.  
The 4th International Feminist Forum will take place on March 14-15 at Ankara University, Cebeci Campus, Ahmet Taner Kislali Hall.
This year’s Feminist Forum will focus on political representation and participation before the June 7 general elections, questions and solidarity practices brought up by lesbian feminism, how women’s publishing experiences transform patriarchy and heterosexism as well as an orgasm workshop by the American authors of the book “I Love Female Orgasm”.
Here is the full program of the 4th International Feminist Forum:
March 14-15, 2015, Saturday – Sunday
Ahmet Taner Kislali Hall, Cebeci Campus, Ankara University
March 14, 2015
12.00 – 13.15  What is politics? What does women’s and LGBTs’ participation and representation in politics mean?
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Simten Cosar, Kaos GL Advisory Board Member
Februniye Akyol: Co-Mayor of Mardin Metropolitan Municipality
Sissela Nordling Blanco: Spokesperson of the Feminist Initiative (FI) party
13.45 – 15.45 What role does women’s publishing experience play in the transformation of the patriarchal and heterosexist system?
Moderator: Aylime Asli Demir, Kaos GL Magazine Editor-in-chief
Editors of Ayizi, Metis, Otonom and Sel publishing houses.
Amargi, Deli Kadın, Eksik Etek, Fe Dergi, Feminist, Feminist Politika, KaosQ+ and Pazartesi magazines will also contribute to the discussions. There will also be a discount sale of their publications in the foyer.
16.15 – 18.45 Lesbian Intervention in Feminism: Lesbian Feminism
Moderator: Secin Tuncel, Kaos GL Association
This session will be developed as a conversation among the people that contributed to Kaos GL Magazine’s March – April 2015 issue titled “Lesbianism.” Questions such as “who is the subject of feminism?” and “how can any solidarity practice ambiguating ‘determined’ subjects be formed?” will be addressed from the perspective of lesbian feminism.
March 15, 2015   
15.00 – 16.30 Sex educators Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller will teach about the subject of their book “I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide” published by Aganta Kitap in Turkey.
Everyone is invited to come to this honest, funny, educational workshop to learn more about their own bodies and how to help a partner. This is a chance to learn, ask questions, and become more knowledgable about sexuality, anatomy, sexual health and pleasure. This is your chance to learn from the authors themselves.
All sessions are open to all and for free. 
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