Human Rights

Kaos GL’s 1st Activism School was held with the theme of Human Rights

Monday, September 24, 2018

The first of the Activism Schools that Kaos GL organizes for the capacity building of LGBTI+ organizations has discussed human rights.

In the scope of Capacity Building Program for LGBTI Activists and Organizations, Kaos GL organizes Activism Schools in September – December 2018.

The first Activism School took place in between 12-16 September.  Including the discussions on “the Assessment of the situation of LGBTI+s in Turkey”, fundamental human rights trainings were given to participants.

In the first day of human rights trainings, fact finding about the situation of LGBTIs in Turkey and SWOT analysis were held. In the second and third days, basic human rights and freedoms were discussed. The fourth day included an interactive discussion on “the difference between the rights-based approach and needs-based approach”. In the last day, reporting and monitoring human rights violations were discussed.

When will the next school be held?

The second activism school will bring “local governments” to the agenda. LGBTI+ policies in Local Governments will be discussed in the school.

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