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Ayta Sözeri is nominated to Golden Butterfly Awards!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Trans woman singer and actress Ayta Sözeri is nominated to Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards in “The Best Women Pop Singer” category.

Famous actress and singer Ayta Sözeri is nominated to Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards. She is competing in the category of “the Best Women Pop Singer”.

45th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards will take place on December 9th this year. In the competition in which the candidates are determined by online public votes, final selection will be out of 10 person selected by online votes. 

Sözeri also received SIYAD, Sadri Alışık and Artemis Awards

Ayta Sözeri, recently, received Golden Artemis Award in the category of “the best supporting actress” with her role in the movie Aile Arasında. She had also received awards from 2018 SIYAD Awards (Turkish Film Critics Association) and 23th Sadri Alışık Awards.

After she received SIYAD Award, Sözeri told her feelings to that she feels so proud and she received this award in dedication to “all other angels”.

“I will keep saying LGBTI until the end of my life”

Ayta Sözeri, who was a board member of Pink Life Association in the last period, has been known with her activism at the same time. Last April, she had a motivational speech in TEDx Istanbul Conference.

Emphasizing the LGBTI visibility during her speech, Sözeri told that in Turkey there were/ are a few open LGBTI artists who did never want to talk openly about being LGBTI and she added: “I will keep saying LGBTI until the end of my life, and until every person could live the same”

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