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Social Work Study Group gathered

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Social Work Study Group consisting of the volunteers and interns of Kaos GL Association gathered together in Ankara.

Photo: İstanbul LGBTİ+ Pride 2015, Şiyar Laçin

In the meeting held on 22 September, “LGBTI Field Mapping for Social Workers” has been discussed. This guide to be included the actors who are involved in LGBTI+s’ access to social services, counseling that civil society organizations give and mapping of the other services is planned to be a guideline for the social workers who are eager to work on this field.

New ways of collaboration have been discussed

The importance of the collaboration with the Social Worker Associations in the cities where there are LGBTI+ organizations has been emphasized during the meeting. General framework for the Social Inclusion Workshop which is planned to take place in 2018 has also been shaped during the meeting.

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