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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

LGBTI+ activists discussed the European Charter of Local Self-Government.

In the second session of the second day (14th October) of Kaos GL Activism School on Local Governments, Murat Köylü drew a general framework for good practices in international local level. Köylü started his speech by introducing the principles of a modern progressive local government system, and Turkey’s reservations to European Charter of Local Self-Government.

After sampling the best local government implementations, projects and regulations in international level, Köylü also told about the best practices in Turkey:

“In Turkey, for example, SPoD’s LGBTI-Friendly Municipality Protocol was a success for us that 40 candidate signed the protocol before the elections. Municipalities in Istanbul such as Şişli and Beşiktaş could be counted as our best practices and they are both the member of Rainbow Cities. Şişli Municipality have an active Equality Unit and they have a health care center serving for LGBTI+s. Additionally, Beşiktaş Municipality supports LGBTI+ employment and they, once, attended Pride Events in Istanbul.

“In Ankara, we have Çankaya Municipality as the best practice that we also conducted a joint Project together with them and Konak Municipality. We have trained more than 100 of municipality personnel in the scope of the Project. As the best practices, we should also count Bursa Nilüfer Municipality which is also the member of Rainbow Cities, also supports LGBTI+ employment, and has LGBTI+ inclusive policies in their strategic plan. Lastly, we should also mention Mersin Akdeniz Municipality which has a consultation center serving for LGBTI+s, has a transgender employee and also support the survivors of hate crimes in their city.”

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*Activism School on Local Governments is also a part the joint project, The Time is Now: Consolidating Regional Efforts for Advancing LGBTI Rights and Equality in the Western Balkans and Turkey, which has been conducted among the member organizations of LGBTI Equal Rights and Association for Western Balkans and Turkey (ERA) and financed by European Union.

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