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Izmir Bar Association: We will fight against LGBTI+ bans!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

General Assembly of the Izmir Bar Association condemned Ankara Governorship’s ban on LGBTI+ activities and charged the Board with struggle against bans, hatred and discrimination.

General Assembly of Izmir Bar Association decided to fight against LGBTI+ activity bans, discrimination and hatred.

After the workshops and seminars organized by Kaos GL and Young LGBTI+ Associations, the resolution has been prepared with the proposal of “Lawyers for struggle against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity” formed in this year. Approved by a majority of votes, resolution has charged the Board to be selected with struggle against discrimination, bans on LGBTI+ events and hatred.

“LGBTI+s are subjected to violation of their rights because of their identity”

In the resolution, it is emphasized that any kind of oppression, violence and discrimination against LGBTI+s in Turkey are a humen rights problem that cannot be ignored.

“Because of their identity, LGBTI+s are subjected to violation of various rights such as right to live, education, work, housing, health, access to justice, equal treatment, in particular.”

“Bans are the collective punishment tools!”

Ankara Governorship’s ban on LGBTI+ events and bans declared by Beyoğlu Municipality have been mentioned as “collective punishment tools” in the resolution. The document has also reminded the responsibilities of lawyers to struggle against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

General Assembly of İzmir Bar Association condemned any kind of governmental restriction limiting human rights. As further steps for the Board to be selected, General Assembly listed their demands as follows: to take an active attitude for protection and development of the rights and freedoms of LGBTI+s, to inform colleagues about such issues, to struggle against hate crimes, to ensure LGBTI+ visibility in public, to be in contact with CSOs working on the field, and to follow the legal processes.

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