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Kaos GL Magazine will discuss “Television” in the next issue!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Kaos GL Magazine will focus on the relation of television and heterosexism in January-February volume.

On its 164th volume, Kaos GL Magazine is providing a ground to discuss the relation between television and heterosexism. The Magazine publishing continuously since 1994 will open up the discussion how television affects the heterosexist norms of the society.

Call for papers for the next issue is as follows:

“Television is one of the informative tools which is quite effective on society and organizes a certain type of entertainment and lifestyle around the hegemonic norm.

“Although we may say that the effect of television has decreased after the internet era started, compared to the other media tools television has still protected its position which is the most effective on public opinion.

“Television makes us watch the heteronormative forms of public perceptions and norms; on the other hand, it has a potential to transform and change all of these. What could this potential that television theoreticians emphasize particularly mean for LGBTI+s and queer existences? In this volume in which we will try to describe the existing relation, we will also focus on tv series, news, entertainment culture and changing television.

“You can send your contributions via until 10th of December.”

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