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Kaos GL’s case on LGBTI+ ban was at Administrational Court

Monday, November 19, 2018

Kaos GL’s case on “ban on LGBTI+ events in Ankara” was conferred at Ankara 4th Administrational Court. Lawyers from Kaos GL and Pink Life told that the discriminative ban decision violates freedom of expression and assembly. 

Kaos GL’ case opened to appeal for reversal and suspencion of execution of the decision related to indefinite ban on LGBTI+ events in Ankara was tried on 8th of November.

The case was tried at Ankara 4th Administrational Court, and Lawyer Hayriye Kara and Lawyer Kerem Dikmen represented Kaos GL and Lawyer Emrah Şahin represented Pembe Hayat during the trial.

During the trial, lawyers criticized that the ban relying on State of Emergency Law in Nov 2017 is indefinite, and they emphasized that the ban is illegal.

Underlining that banning all events is not within the authority of the governorship, lawyers stated that the ban decision is discriminative.

Kaos GL brought the ban to Constitutional Court and ECHR

On the other hand, trial date of the case opened by Kaos GL is not determined yet. The association has recently brought LGBTI+ ban of Ankara Governorship to Constitutional Court (CC).

After the rejection of the appeal by Ankara 4th Administrational Court, Kaos GL applied to CC on the grounds that the ban violates freedom of expression, association and assembly. Kaos GL also emphasized that the ban is discriminative and when Administrational Court rejected the appeal, they have also violated the right to fair trial.

Kaos GL applied CC for injunction, but CC was rejected this application. CC has not decided on the ban yet.

The ECHR application of the association has been made after the rejection of Constituitonal Court.

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