CHP candidate supported LGBTI rights in TV, channel dismissed the presenter

Monday, March 11, 2019

CHP Beyoğlu Mayor Candidate Alper Taş told about “LGBTIs” during a TV show in TV5, the channel has fired the program speaker and discontinued broadcasting of the program.

Left: Alper Taş; Right: Çağlar Cilara, host of the program

TV5 established by Necmettin Erbakan has been known with their conservative broadcasting profile. Speaker of political discussion TV show broadcasting in the channel, Çağlar Cilara hosted Alper Taş, CHP Mayor candidate for Beyoğlu Municipality, in his program last week and asked questions received from the audiences to Taş. When speaker Cilara asked question about LGBTI councils, Taş responded: 

“LGBTI citizens who are mostly populated in Beyoğlu are also our people. Due to their sexual orientation and gender identity, they are oppressed and exposed to cruelty. We will try to guarantee a livable life for them without taking their sexual orientation and gender identity into account. As a mayor candidate for Beyoğlu, I will take action to solve their problems. We know that this is not their choice, but nature.”

As a response to these sentences, Speaker Cilara approved him by saying: “Yes, this is their creation”.

TV5 has discontinued broadcasting of the program

After the aforementioned program, TV5 has announced that they have dismissed Çağlar Cilara and banned the program. In the announcement, TV5 has remarked that whatever has been told during the program is the responsibility of the speaker, so they cannot be related with their broadcasting policy. It has been mentioned that they will always take care of “social sensitivities” and “moral values” in their broadcasting policy.

“I will continue asking. Dont worry”

After the termination of his job in TV5, Cilara wrote: “TV5 journey has just ended. Journalists in Turkey have been stuck between political polarization and clashes. However, I will continue asking. Dont worry.”

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