University students gathered in Media School

Friday, April 5, 2019

Media School started 2019 with workshops on writing news and digital advocacy.

On 3rd of March, the media school organized by Kaos GL brought students together to discuss basic journalism, basic visual design, social media and communication with media organs in the workshop held in METU Alumni Association. Students from LGBTI+ groups of three prominent universities of Ankara, METU LGBTI+ Solidarity, Hacettepe QueerDeer and Ankara University QueerAnka, gathered together to talk hate speech in media and rights-based journalism against discrimination.

In the first session of the media school, Kaos GL Media and Communication Program Coordinator Yıldız Tar told about the basic principles on writing news. Underlining the importance of journalism against hate speech and discrimination, Tar shared the results of Kaos GL Media Monitoring Report of 2018.

Media Monitoring Report

Quoting from the report that half of the entire news and articles published in mainstream media in 2018 have discriminative language, prejudices and hate speech against LGBTI+s, Yıldız Tar told how news and articles showing LGBTI+ identities and existence as “sick”, “sin”, “immoral” or “crime” can be monitored and how hate speech and discrimination can be detected. Tar also told about stereotyping, criminalization and marginalization under the topic of prejudice.

In the following section of the workshop, participants reviewed some discriminative news and re-wrote the news with the principles of rights-based journalism.

Tools for Digital Advocacy

In the second section of the Media School, Tar brought the discussions “what do we have to pay attention while sharing something on social media” into agenda first. Giving general information about managing institutional social media accounts in Facebook and Twitter, Tar indicated the importance of digital advocacy.

In the third session of the school, basic visual design techniques were introduced to the participants. Conveying that preparation and design of visuals are easier with digital tools, Tar showed how to design banners or brochures for events.

In the last session of the school, communication with media organs were discussed and interview techniques with practices were held.

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