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Pro-government women NGO: “Homosexuality is against the values of humanity”

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Pro-government NGO KADEM targeted Istanbul Medical Chamber’s events: “Homosexuality is against the values of humanity”

Women and Democracy Association (KADEM) known with their closeness to the government targeted LGBTI+s again. Previously, they called Gender Equality Project of Ministry of Education “nonethical”. This time, KADEM targeted Istanbul Medical Chamber’s “Different Faces of Sexuality” panel. Regarding the gay couples in the banner of the event, KADEM stated “it is contrary to our belief and the values of humanity”.

Full post that KADEM shared on social media is as follows:

“The image that Istanbul Medical Chamber has been used in their banner addresses to homosexuality, and imposes a meaning to women and men contrary to their reality of existence. As KADEM, we do not accept this normalization attempt which is against our belief and values of humanity.”

Yeni Akit and A Haber are supporters of hate campaign

Besides KADEM, pro-government newspaper Yeni Akit and pro-government TV channel A Haber also supported the hate campaign.

While Yeni Akit wrote about the event “Is it Medical Chamber or Perverts Chamber?”, A Haber gave place the banner as “scandal”.

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