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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Kaos GL Trade Union Group, Education Study Groups and Eğitim-Sen LGBTI+ Commission held a meeting in Izmir.

Kaos GL Trade Union Study Group and Education Study Group had their first meeting of 2019 in Izmir on 13-14th April. During the meeting hosted by Eğitim Sen LGBTI+ Commission and Youth LGBTI+ Association, discrimination against LGBTI+ students in education and awareness raising issues were discussed. Trade union members and teachers from Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and North Cyprus also discussed the future collaborations and projects.

In the workshops on 14th April, Seçin Tuncel talked about “LGBTI+” concepts, Remzi Altunpolat discussed “Discrimination in Education and Heterosexism”. Barış Azar from Youth LGBTI+ Association shared their studies on “Dormitory Experiences of LGBTI+s”.

Later on, sources of sexist and heterosexist structure of education system and reproduction of these systems were discussed under the moderation of experts on psychological counseling and guidence. While teachers were sharing their experiences, problems of gender non-conforming kids were considered regarding their growing up process.

Kaos GL Trade Union and Education Study Groups, on the other hand, discussed and planned the future works. The groups talked about that gender and LGBTI+ topics should be included in sexual education, multi-cultural education, inclusive education and peace education.

Translation: Damla Umut Uzun

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