Rainbow scenes from 1th of May Celebrations

Monday, May 20, 2019

1th of May International Worker’s Day has been celebrated all across Turkey. LGBTI+ corteges participated the demonstrations in many cities. Here we collected rainbow scenes from demonstrations.

1th of May in Ankara: LGBTI+ workers are here!

Demonstrators were gathered together in Hipodrom AKM in Ankara, and the crowd walked through Tandoğan Square. Rainbow cortege were there with rainbow flags and banners saying “LGBTI+ workers are here”, “No mobbing to LGBTI+ workers”, “No transphobia” and “No homophobia”.

1th of May in Antalya: We know homophobic and transphobic employers!

BİZ Association participated 1th of May demonstrations in Antalya. Carrying rainbow flags together with other civil society organizations, BİZ said: “We know homophobic companies, and we know transphobic employers!”

1th of May in Antep: Don’t be silent! LGBTI+s exist!

ZeugMadi Antep LGBTI+ participated the demonstrations in Antep. Demonstrating with rainbow flags, the crowd shouted: “Don’t be silent! LGBTI+s exist!”

1th of May in Denizli: Future is not binary! Future is trans!

Denizli LGBTI+ Family Group participated in the demonstrations in Denizli. The group said: “Against exploitation and capital, we are here with all of our colors”.

1th of May in Diyarbakır: Happy lives will be flourished

Keskesor Amed LGBTI+ Initiative were in demonstrations in Diyarbakır.

İstanbul: Sex work is labor

Kocaeli LGBTI+ Initiative participated the 1th of May demonstrations in Istanbul. Initiative opened a banner saying “Sex work is labor”.

İzmir Rainbow Cortege: Our labor, our bodies and our identity are ours!

Together with Youth LGBTI+ Association, many LGBTI+s in Izmir participated the demonstrations.

1th of May in Kuşadası

Kuşadası Renkli Güvercin LGBTI+ Groups (Colorful Pigeon LGBTI+ Group) participated in the demonstrations for the first time.

1th of May in Mersin

Saying “Labor and Identity are ours!”, Muamma LGBTI+ Association participated the demonstrations with rainbow flags in Mersin.

Mersin 7 Colors LGBTI+ Association were also in demonstrations with their banner.

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