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Iranian LGBTI+ refugees drew against discrimination

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Iranian Refugee LGBTI+’s living in Denizli/Turkey has painted against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia in Kaos GL queer caricature workshop.

Kaos GL Association has come together with the refugee LGBTI+’s from Iran in a picnic.

Queer caricature workshop took place in the picnic on July 11th.

In the workshop conducted by caricaturist Aslı Alpar, one of the editors of, the participants used caricature and humor as a method of coping with discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Turkish caricature magazines LeMan, Bayan Yanı, and Uykusuz was analyzed, humor intellection in Turkey and Iran has been discussed and discussions on the question of ‘how to build a humorous perspective against heterosexualism, sexism, and gender binary regime’ has been made.

Here are some works from the workshop:

Hana’s work:

Man: Is your child a boy or a girl?

Woman: We can’t know… It will be born, grow and decide on its own.

Raha’s work:

1:  You should know that there is an alarm there, it makes noise…

2: I love the noise so much that I can do this forever.

A.S.’s work:

Turkish people: We don’t want Iranians.

EU, USA, and Canada: We don’t want you.

Iranian LGBTI+’s: So where will we go?

United Nations: Hold on…

Pooneh’s work:

When can I be myself?

Makhism’s work:

1: Alo, Alo! Hello, good day madam! I am calling you about my case! I am here for 5 years now but nobody ever called me about this situation,  I wanted to ask…..

2: Hello. Dont you worry, every dark night ends with a bright morning. SLAM! (Phone shuts)

Ahora’s work:

Exhausted Bisexual: I am tired from being a bisexual but I will continue to be so.

Shaya’s Work:

Shaya has used LeMan Magazine’s logo in her work and described it as: “LGBTI+’s are forced to hide themselves. When I saw the ‘L’ logo of the magazine I thought about this composition.”

Arzu’s work:

Arzu caricatured the looks to a lesbian couple by a collage from Bayan Yanı Magazine.


Reza composed a fantasy in their work. They call it as “finding more then you wished for”

*This workshop was a part of the “Advancing the human rights of LGBTI refugees in Turkey” project, which is carried out with the UNHCR.

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

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