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Kaos GL provided counseling to 104 cases in June

Friday, August 2, 2019

Kaos GL has provided counseling to 104 cases on various subjects, primarily on legal rights, health, military service, psychosocial assistance to refugee or Turkish citizen LGBTI+’s.

Kaos GL Association is continuing to provide consultancy; it has provided counseling for legal rights and responsibilities, hormone treatment process, access to healthcare, access to financial support and issues with military service on a total of 104 separate cases.

Consultancy service has been provided to LGBTI+ refugees residing in different cities of Turkey through phone and mail on 74 cases. 28 of these consultancy sessions were on cases of legal issues and 46 were on social issues.

6 legal and social counseling sessions have been provided to LGBTI+’s who wish for taking refuge in Turkey from outside of the country.
Consultancy via mail still continues from address in both Turkish and English.

Consultancy provided to LGBTI+’s from Turkey

24 counseling services were provided to LGBTI+’s from Turkey in June. These services of which 21 were provided via mail and 3 of them provided face to face were about military service, psychosocial counseling, legal counseling and possibilities of asylum in foreign countries.

LGBTI+’s from Turkey who wishes to receive counseling can contact Kaos GL via

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

*Kaos GL is providing general consultancy service within the scope of “Gökkuşağı Projesi - Rainbow Project” which is supported by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA); and providing consultancy to refugees within the “Advancing the human rights of LGBTI refugees in Turkey” project with UNHCR.

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