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In the second week of November, we chose sexist and homophobic hate "columns" from newspapers Türkiye, Akit, Gerçek Hayat, Çanakkale'nin Sesi, and Independent Turkish…

"We have young people caught up in trends of homosexuality, lesbianism..." Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

We continue to read newspaper articles for you that overflow from their "columns" with homophobic hate speech.

In the second week of November, we selected sexist and homophobic hate "columns" from Turkish writers in Türkiye, Akit, Gerçek Hayat, Çanakkale'nin Sesi, and Independent Turkish newspapers...

“Is being Kurdish and being a woman, being Greek and being gay the same thing?”

In his column, titled "Working to mix up and lose the rights", M. Xalid Sadînî of the Independent Turkish said, “A group of people in Turkey have deliberately or unconsciously trying to ambiguate the usurped rights of Kurds for nearly 100 years.

Maybe that's not their goal, but they're ambiguating the situation, destroying the real purpose.", and criticizes the interview conducted by journalist Jinda Zekioğlu with Hamit Bozarslan, published in the Duvar internet newspaper.

In the interview with Bozarslan, Jinda Zekioğlu says that "Steve Biko, the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement, mentions black pride' in the book Black Consciousness", and lists "pride of being gay" in their question.

Hamit Bozarslan, with the description of "beyond pride; transforming the identity, which is the cause of the oppression, to the core of resistance", in the sense of 'self-denial', reminded the words of Hannah Arendt as, “you can only defend yourself under whichever label you are being attacked with”.

Independent Turkish writer M. Xalid Sadînî says "I am really disturbed by a question in the interview and how Hamit hodja answered that without any reaction", adding, "Hamit hodja should have responded to this question" in a resentful manner: "Because the question mentions 'the pride of being black, the pride of being Kurdish, Armenian, Greek, gay, woman', which is a big problem to bring together so many concepts."

"What do you mean, being a Kurd and being a woman is the same as being Greek and gay?" the Independent Turkish writer said, adding, "Why should human beings be proud of being gay and women?"

"On the other hand, how can anyone be proud to be gay or a lesbian? What do you mean "pride of being gay"? one cannot; should not be proud of one's sexual orientation. There are different forms of sexuality, and they're all special. It's subjective. People's sexual orientations are none of our business. And if one's proud of it, it's none of our business. It's their own thing."

After conveying his rejection as "Why do you consubstantiate the problem of that man's sexual orientation with my national and democratic rights and ambiguate my problems?", M. Xalid Sadînî continues: "Are the right of education in the mother tongue and how people live their sexualities the same issue? Besides, it's not even an issue. Everybody is doing what they want to do. Everyone can live the life that they want. Who can question which choices people have?"

"Person's personal choices are none of our concern unless it disrupts the social order and imposes it on others," M. Xalid Sadînî said as he lay down his condition, then listed the hierarchy of problems and rights: “ I do not believe that mixing and asserting the solvable problems of people from Kurdish or another ethnicity with the ideological, philosophical or sexual preferences of individuals is a bona fide effort.”

Although he objected to LGBTI demands for recognition of the denial, and to be called with correct adjectives; Independent Turkish writer M. Xalid Sadînî informed journalist Jinda Zekioglu from his Twitter account, saying, "There are no insults. Don't you think criticism is a right?"

Jinda Zekioglu, the journalist who interviewed Hamit Bozarslan said, "The reason that Bozarslan was not surprised is that he is an expert in this field. The concept of honor in marginalized identities deals with a socio-psychological dimension. It is with honor that the basis for being at peace with oneself, not being a pushover, demanding and not being passive is explained. Fanon, Biko, Arendt refers to it."

"We have young people caught up in trends of homosexuality, lesbianism..."

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şimşirgil of the Türkiye newspaper has not changed his stance on women: "They want to destroy the family and drop the woman into the Purple Roof Women's Shelter. They're the musketeers of LGBT. If women take their path, they will end up like the child that beat himself for a blue bead, without realizing losing his shining pearl."

Another name from the Türkiye newspaper, Suleyman Özışık, asks himself "Did you say pervert?" and answers: "You have the gays, you have the transvestites, you have the LGBT's. Who are you to call us perverts, brother? If you're looking for a pervert, turn around and look around your surroundings. You're not going to find a better pervert than yourselves. You will not be able to lock the nation's beliefs and their shrines with these kinds of games."

Like Abdurrahman Dilipak, Ali Karahasanoğlu of Akit newspaper cannot feel comfortable without mentioning gays, lesbians in every "column". In his article titled, "Do not let the animal rights to be the second Convention of İstanbul!" Karahasanoğlu wrote: “We have young people caught up in trends of homosexuality, lesbianism that accepts being gay, lesbian, homosexual as normal choices, that accepts them as normal as "people are being born as boys and girls."

In his article titled "human death, pesticide freedom!" Can Kemal Özer from Gerçek Yaşam says, "There is never room for good in regimes where freedom is abundant. Because freedom there is not for good, but for evil", adding, "For example, there is such a thing called 'LGBT democracy', and all forms of immorality and immorality in this kind of democracy are free."

Çanakkale'nin Sesi newspaper, published an article of Rıfat Serdaroğlu, who is unsatisfied with "30 years of active politics", titled as "Now, Now is the Time": "Society is being occupied with bride-mother in law cooking shows, animal-women-gay-lesbian rights, instead of our deeply rooted humane values; virtue-morality-equality-rights-freedoms-organized society-justice and law. The Turkish Nation is being assimilated!"

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

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