03/02/2020 | Writer: Aslı Alpar

In the second week of January, we compiled discriminatory discourses against LGBTI+'s in the Turkish mainstream press.

Discriminatory news against LGBTI+'s from the second week of January Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

In the second week of 2020 (January 8-15), we compiled news which reproduces the discriminatory discourse in the Turkish print media for kaosGL.org readers.

In our collection includes Gebze, Kocaeli Pusula, Yakın Takip newspapers from Kocaeli, Açıksöz, Akit newspapers from Kastamonu, Siverek from Urfa, Yurt and İstiklal newspapers from İstanbul.

January 8th, Gebze, Kocaeli Pusula, Yakın Takip and Akit newspapers

On January 8th, we read the following sentences in Gebze, Kocaeli Pusula, Yakın Takip newspapers published in Kocaeli, which included the discriminatory rhetoric of Engin Kılıç, president of the Re-Prosperity Party Gebze District, which focuses on the Istanbul Convention: "The Istanbul Convention, which paved the way for the legitimacy of gay heresy and the disintegration of the family under the name of Gender Equality, is being strongly defended by the EU and Zionist supporters, the Enemies of Islam, the marginal media and NGOs."

Can’t do one of these compilations without Akit…  Speaking to Faruk Arslan from Akit on the same day, Murat Köse, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association for The Rights of Victim Children and Fathers (Maçobder), speaks about the Istanbul Convention, carried away with his temper: "The ones that insults the Mr. President, the ones that marches with those homosexual creatures in Taksim with swear banners in their hand benefit from this law."

Köse’s claims transform into an open attack and finger-pointing with his discriminatory discourse against homosexuals.

January 9th Açıksöz and Siverek Hedef newspapers

Discriminatory expressions of Fatih Köse from Açıksöz newspaper of Kastamonu are as follows: "The institutions and organizations of the state should protect the generation from gambling, substance abuse, and protect the familial institution from threats such as modern feminism and LGBT."

Let's look at some of the discriminatory statements of Türkan Yeşil from Siverek Hedef newspaper published in Urfa on the same day: "İstanbul, the cherished city where you signed the contract was not conquered with ease, the contract that was formed to disaggregate the family, which today is the smallest and most important building block of society, and it supports gender-free/unidentified (LGBT) formations."

January 10th, Şereflikoçhisar Çengel newspaper

Mehmet Çetin of Şereflikoçhisar Çengel newspaper, published in Ankara on January 10th also spewed hatred against LGBTI+'s on the Istanbul Convention agenda…

"In addition to legitimizing perversion with the inclusion of 'sexual orientation' to the definition of 'social gender' in the convention, it also tries to put the notion of 'partner', which is unknown at best, into our lives."

January 11th, Yurt newspaper

"The reason for hanging an LGBT banner on the wall of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara was announced as the 'anniversary of the Orlando massacre'. But it was camouflage. Such attacks and massacres were, of course, inhumane. But unfortunately, these were just a tool of abuse, the goal was to spread all kinds of immorality and perversion," Ahmet Akgül from Yurt newspaper says, and serves all kinds of conspiracy theories with discriminatory rhetoric towards LGBTI+.

January 15th, İstiklal newspaper

The last discriminatory news of the week is from Wednesday, January 15th. "These out of control people like the LGBT are holding 'events' out there" says Ramazan Ercan Birikçioğlu from İstiklal newspaper; attacking the right of LGBTI+'s to hold meetings and demonstrations.

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

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