23/09/2019 | Writer: Derya Barış

İzmir Culture Platform Initiative hosted Kaos GL on the 4th day of the summer school that held between September 9-14.

Kaos GL was at the summer school of İzmir Culture Platform Initiative Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

İzmir Culture Platform Initiative, which aims to make the cultural production more visible and strengthen the communication between the art-culture actors of İzmir, hosted the Kaos GL Association in its summer school of September 9-14.

Seçin Tuncel from Kaos GL has started their presentation by explaining “memory of LGBTI+” in the gathering themed as “intervention”. Tuncel followed a historical plan in their presentation and mentioned the discriminatory practices and policies against the ‘others’, from the ‘80s to these days. Seçin Tuncel reminded the 1987 Gezi Park hunger strike and told about the history of LGBTI+ organizations.

Intervening in heterosexism through media, law, and art

While underlining the fact that the first issue of Kaos GL was an intervention to society and language, Tuncel also mentioned how hate speech is being propagated. Tuncel reminded the intervention against heterosexism through media and law is growing increasingly and included cases of intervention in the field of art in their presentation. The presentation, which discussed the exhibitions of Kaos GL; ‘Future Queer’, ‘Colony’ and ‘Lost Middleman’, ended with the questions and contributions of the participants.

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

Tags: arts and culture